Saturday, January 8
Team USA (USA) at Wisconsin (WIS)
Exhibition Game
Blue Line Ice Center (Fond du Lac, WI)

Final Score: Team USA 12, Wisconsin 0

Attendance: 2209

Referee: Krista Knight
Assistant Referee: Sean Tealey
Assistant Referee: Ed Moberg

Team USA Lineup:
Skaters (16):
Amy Coelho
Nicki Luongo
Karyn Bye
Sue Merz
Brandy Fisher
A.J. Mleczko
Catherine Hanson
Meaghan Sittler
Alana Blahoski
Stephanie O'Sullivan
Katie King
Cammi Granato
Erin Magee
Chris Bailey
Tricia Dunn
Melisa Heitzman
Goaltenders (1):
Erin Whitten

Wisconsin Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Jennifer Mead
Ann Chamberlain
Abbey Olson
Roberta Shufeldt
Kelly Kegley
Janelle Johnson
Bridget Buchholz
Gretchen Anderson
Kerry Weiland
Melanie Schmitt
Roseann Meyer
Natascha Sherman
Sarah Repp
Leslie Toner
Christina Gehrke
Liz Jankowski
Kendra Antony
Julia Ortenzio
Goaltenders (3):
Theresa Hilleman
Jackie MacMillan
Jennifer Neary


1st Period:
USA 07:19 Karyn Bye (Tricia Dunn, Cammi Granato)
USA 15:01 Erin Magee (A.J. Mleczko)
USA 18:06 Brandy Fisher (Erin Magee, A.J. Mleczko)
USA 18:49 Katie King (Alana Blahoski, Sue Merz)

2nd Period:
USA 02:34 Melisa Heitzman (Alana Blahoski)
USA 06:03 Cammi Granato (Melisa Heitzman, Karyn Bye)
USA 16:52 Alana Blahoski (Meaghan Sittler)

3rd Period:
USA 00:57 SH Brandy Fisher
USA 01:52 Stephanie O'Sullivan (Cammi Granato)
USA 03:56 Cammi Granato (Karyn Bye, Chris Bailey)
USA 04:01 Tricia Dunn
USA 11:02 Erin Magee (A.J. Mleczko, Brandy Fisher)

Team USA Goaltending:
Erin Whitten213660:00

Wisconsin Goaltending:
Jackie MacMillan24002420:00
Jennifer Neary02402420:00
Theresa Hilleman004420:00

Team USA Power-Play: 0/1

Wisconsin Power-Play: 0/1


1st Period:

2nd Period:
WIS 13:15 Sarah Repp  (2 - Checking)
USA 19:03 BENCH  (2 - Too Many Players)

3rd Period:

Team USA Penalties: 1 for 2

Wisconsin Penalties: 1 for 2

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