Sunday, January 16
Sacred Heart (SAC) at Yale (YAL)
Non-Conference Game

Final Score: Yale 5, Sacred Heart 0

Attendance: 130

Referee: Cheri McIlroy
Referee: John Manzi

Sacred Heart Lineup:
Skaters (15):
Kim Abrahams
Jenn Appleton
Bobbi Benedict
Sarah Bergin
Melinda Blevins
Kristin Dudenbostel
Lori Hendra
Rori Jean
Danielle Keefe
Kristin Lee
Kelly Opdenaker
Jaime Stimets
Lauren Wiggins
Angela Yuhas
Emily Zyko
Goaltenders (2):
Anna Alveari
Kim Derleth

Yale Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Isabelle Kinsolving
Sue Barnes
Kaitlin Porcaro
Michelle McGoey
Sara Wood
Lisa Meyers
Kate McAdams
Emily Hyde
Deanna McDevitt
Lauren Gulka
Julianna Schantz-Dunn
Amy LeClair
Carina Towse
Ashley Campion
Karin Tilly
Adrianna Rizzo
Lindsay Batson
Rory Neuner
Goaltenders (2):
Katie Hirte
Erica Freed


1st Period:

2nd Period:
YAL 12:15 Karin Tilly (Sara Wood, Lisa Meyers)

3rd Period:
YAL 04:46 Lisa Meyers (Sara Wood, Emily Hyde)
YAL 10:13 PP Lisa Meyers (Kate McAdams, Sara Wood)
YAL 10:29 Karin Tilly (Sara Wood)
YAL 17:02 Sue Barnes (Sara Wood, Karin Tilly)

Sacred Heart Goaltending:
Kim Derleth1413164360:00

Yale Goaltending:
Katie Hirte5641560:00

Sacred Heart Power-Play: 0/1

Yale Power-Play: 1/2


1st Period:
YAL 10:56 Rory Neuner  (2 - Roughing)
SAC 10:56 Rori Jean  (2 - Roughing)
YAL 14:45 Kaitlin Porcaro  (2 - Hooking)

2nd Period:
SAC 06:25 BENCH  (2 - Too Many Players)

3rd Period:
SAC 09:04 Jenn Appleton  (2 - Roughing)

Sacred Heart Penalties: 3 for 6

Yale Penalties: 2 for 4

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