Friday, January 14
Wisconsin (WIS) at Minn-Duluth (MND)
Conference Game

Final Score: Minn-Duluth 6, Wisconsin 3

Attendance: 1430

Referee: Vicki Kale
Assistant Referee: Rick Larson
Assistant Referee: John Stiff

Wisconsin Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Jennifer Mead
Ann Chamberlain
Abbey Olson
Roberta Shufeldt
Kelly Kegley
Janelle Johnson
Bridget Buchholz
Gretchen Anderson
Kerry Weiland
Melanie Schmitt
Roseann Meyer
Natascha Sherman
Sarah Repp
Leslie Toner
Christina Gehrke
Liz Jankowski
Kendra Antony
Julia Ortenzio
Goaltenders (2):
Theresa Hilleman
Jennifer Neary

Minn-Duluth Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Leah Wrazidlo
Erika Holst
Joanne Eustace
Hanne Sikio
Kellie Frick
Navada Russell
Brittny Ralph
Jenny Schmidgall
Laurie Alexander
Breana Berry
Michelle McAteer
Erin Nagurski
Jessica Smith
Maria Rooth
Jessi Flink
Jenni Venho
Pamela Pachal
Alexa Gollinger
Goaltenders (2):
Amanda Tapp
Riana Burke


1st Period:
MND 11:04 PP Michelle McAteer (Navada Russell, Brittny Ralph)

2nd Period:
MND 00:19 Erika Holst (Maria Rooth)
MND 05:26 Jessi Flink (Joanne Eustace)
WIS 08:24 Kendra Antony (Melanie Schmitt, Bridget Buchholz)

3rd Period:
MND 06:07 SH Maria Rooth (Erika Holst, Jenni Venho)
MND 10:28 Maria Rooth (Jenni Venho, Pamela Pachal)
WIS 14:11 PP Kendra Antony (Kelly Kegley, Liz Jankowski)
MND 14:44 PP Jenny Schmidgall (Brittny Ralph, Hanne Sikio)
WIS 18:27 PP Kendra Antony (Melanie Schmitt)

Wisconsin Goaltending:
Jennifer Neary1219134460:00

Minn-Duluth Goaltending:
Amanda Tapp10631960:00

Wisconsin Power-Play: 2/8

Minn-Duluth Power-Play: 2/3


1st Period:
MND 07:45 Michelle McAteer  (2 - Checking)
MND 08:51 Hanne Sikio  (2 - High-Sticking)
WIS 10:57 Roberta Shufeldt  (2 - Holding)
WIS 11:45 Kelly Kegley  (2 - Hooking)

2nd Period:
MND 00:58 Michelle McAteer  (2 - Cross-Checking)

3rd Period:
MND 02:24 Pamela Pachal  (2 - Checking)
MND 04:42 Breana Berry  (2 - Checking)
MND 08:19 Navada Russell  (2 - Tripping)
MND 13:27 Joanne Eustace  (2 - Checking)
WIS 14:31 Jennifer Mead  (2 - Interference)
MND 17:48 Laurie Alexander  (2 - Boarding)

Wisconsin Penalties: 3 for 6

Minn-Duluth Penalties: 8 for 16

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