Friday, February 25
Minn-Duluth (MND) at MSU-Mankato (MNK)
Conference Game

Final Score: Minn-Duluth 3, MSU-Mankato 1

Attendance: 149

Referee: Christina Knight
Assistant Referee: Mary Owen
Assistant Referee: Rick Larson

Minn-Duluth Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Leah Wrazidlo
Erika Holst
Joanne Eustace
Hanne Sikio
Kellie Frick
Navada Russell
Brittny Ralph
Jenny Schmidgall
Laurie Alexander
Breana Berry
Michelle McAteer
Shannon Mikel
Maria Rooth
Jessi Flink
Jenni Venho
Pamela Pachal
Alexa Gollinger
Jenny Hempel
Goaltenders (2):
Amanda Tapp
Tuula Puputti

MSU-Mankato Lineup:
Skaters (15):
Jackie Koury
Anne Rickbeil
Heather Nadeau
Jody Rankin
Ashleigh Miller
Katie Ingram
Mandy Krause
Erin Hafermann
Natalie Otten
Cara Samuelson
Kim Corona
Tristin Stephenson
Ryann Geldner
Tina Serafin
Kim Anderson
Goaltenders (3):
Jennie Padgett
Adrienne Davis
Katie Beauduy


1st Period:
MND 05:45 PP Jenny Schmidgall

2nd Period:
MNK 19:42 Natalie Otten (Erin Hafermann)

3rd Period:
MND 05:38 Joanne Eustace (Jessi Flink, Laurie Alexander)
MND 14:05 PP Maria Rooth (Jenny Schmidgall, Pamela Pachal)

Minn-Duluth Goaltending:
Tuula Puputti5731560:00

MSU-Mankato Goaltending:
Jennie Padgett1112275060:00

Minn-Duluth Power-Play: 2/4

MSU-Mankato Power-Play: 0/3


1st Period:
MNK 04:15 Natalie Otten  (2 - Checking)
MNK 08:02 Tina Serafin  (2 - Tripping)

2nd Period:
MND 05:38 Jenni Venho  (2 - Checking)
MNK 16:34 Katie Ingram  (2 - Roughing)
MND 16:34 Erika Holst  (2 - Holding)

3rd Period:
MNK 10:01 Natalie Otten  (2 - Holding)
MNK 12:56 Erin Hafermann  (2 - Cross-Checking)
MND 15:50 Brittny Ralph  (2 - Interference)
MND 17:15 Pamela Pachal  (2 - Roughing)

Minn-Duluth Penalties: 4 for 8

MSU-Mankato Penalties: 5 for 10

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