Sunday, March 19
Dartmouth (DAR) at Brown (BRN)
Non-Conference Game
Chase/ECAC Championship

Final Score: Brown 6, Dartmouth 3

Attendance: 2107

Referee: Scott Levitt
Referee: Erik Schmakel

Dartmouth Lineup:
Skaters (17):
Liz Macri
Lauren Trottier
Amy Catlin
Melissa Dolan
Carly Haggard
Kristina Guarino
Jennifer Wiehn
Kristin Romberg
Kim McCullough
Correne Bredin
Carrie Sekela
Kristin King
Lydia Wheatley
Emilia Peraza
Jillian Rockoff
Carolyn Steele
Suzanne Ewing
Goaltenders (3):
Meaghan Cahill
Kate Cochrane
Amy Ferguson

Brown Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Whitney Talbot
Cassie Turner
Ali Kenney
Tamra Jones
Kim Insalaco
Jill Graat
Jordan Jiskra
Courtney Johnson
Mandy McCurdy
Melissa Rennison
Christina Sorbara
Kathleen Kauth
Jenny Rice
Patricia Long
Cara Gardner
Emily Sigman
Meredith Ostrander
Kristy Zamora
Goaltenders (2):
Ali Brewer
Pam Dreyer


1st Period:
BRN 02:28 Christina Sorbara (Kathleen Kauth)
BRN 10:44 Kristy Zamora (Kim Insalaco, Jill Graat)
BRN 11:40 Christina Sorbara (Jordan Jiskra)

2nd Period:
DAR 01:42 Correne Bredin
BRN 17:01 Kim Insalaco (Tamra Jones)

3rd Period:
BRN 01:27 Kim Insalaco (Cara Gardner, Jill Graat)
DAR 04:19 PP Carrie Sekela (Lauren Trottier, Correne Bredin)
BRN 08:39 PP Ali Kenney (Jordan Jiskra)
DAR 16:21 Kim McCullough (Correne Bredin)

Dartmouth Goaltending:
Amy Ferguson7841960:00

Brown Goaltending:
Ali Brewer1310123560:00

Dartmouth Power-Play: 1/4

Brown Power-Play: 1/4


1st Period:
BRN 14:34 Kim Insalaco  (2 - Checking)

2nd Period:
DAR 06:26 Kristin Romberg  (2 - High-Sticking)
BRN 17:41 Christina Sorbara  (2 - High-Sticking)

3rd Period:
BRN 03:35 Cassie Turner  (2 - Tripping)
DAR 06:15 Kristin King  (2 - Cross-Checking)
BRN 08:59 Melissa Rennison  (2 - Roughing)
DAR 08:59 Carly Haggard  (2 - Roughing)
DAR 17:46 Kristin King  (2 - body checking)
BRN 19:30 Cara Gardner  (2 - Tripping)
BRN 19:35 Jill Graat  (2 - Hitting from Behind)
BRN 19:35 Tamra Jones  (2 - Hitting from Behind)
DAR 19:35 Correne Bredin  (2 - Hitting from Behind)
DAR 19:35 Carly Haggard  (2 - Hitting from Behind)
DAR 19:47 Liz Macri  (2 - Slashing)

Dartmouth Penalties: 7 for 14

Brown Penalties: 7 for 14

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