Saturday, October 23
Bemidji State (BMJ) at Minn-Duluth (MND)
Conference Game

Final Score: Minn-Duluth 8, Bemidji State 6

Attendance: 689

Bemidji State Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Kerri McEwen
Ashley Salberg
Lisa Peters
Mary Short
Christine Kleven
Jenna Grimsrud
Kelly McEwen
Jessica Bina
Kristie Hofer
Katherine Dunlop
Betsy Hegland
Kaisa Brehmer
Tara Reid
Trish Hulse
Renae Kaip
Amy Shepler
Alicia Kinsman
Lill Raynard
Goaltenders (2):
Bre Dedrickson
Katie Anderson

Minn-Duluth Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Leah Wrazidlo
Erika Holst
Joanne Eustace
Kellie Frick
Navada Russell
Brittny Ralph
Jenny Schmidgall
Laurie Alexander
Breana Berry
Michelle McAteer
Erin Nagurski
Shannon Mikel
Jessica Smith
Maria Rooth
Jessi Flink
Jenni Venho
Pamela Pachal
Alexa Gollinger
Goaltenders (2):
Amanda Tapp
Riana Burke


1st Period:
BMJ 06:54 Tara Reid (Lisa Peters)
BMJ 15:48 Tara Reid (Betsy Hegland)
MND 17:52 Maria Rooth (Erika Holst, Joanne Eustace)

2nd Period:
MND 09:46 PP Michelle McAteer (Jessica Smith, Brittny Ralph)
MND 11:01 Erika Holst (Pamela Pachal)
BMJ 12:44 Kristie Hofer (Betsy Hegland)

3rd Period:
BMJ 01:22 Katherine Dunlop (Amy Shepler, Christine Kleven)
MND 09:03 Maria Rooth (Brittny Ralph)
MND 09:31 Michelle McAteer (Brittny Ralph, Erika Holst)
BMJ 10:02 SH Alicia Kinsman
BMJ 11:31 Alicia Kinsman (Renae Kaip)
MND 15:39 PP Maria Rooth (Brittny Ralph)
MND 18:06 SH Maria Rooth (Jenny Schmidgall)
MND 18:35 SH Maria Rooth (Jenny Schmidgall)

Bemidji State Goaltending:
Bre Dedrickson1514174660:00

Minn-Duluth Goaltending:
Riana Burke3351160:00

Bemidji State Power-Play: 0/4

Minn-Duluth Power-Play: 2/6


1st Period:
BMJ 02:48 Kerri McEwen  (2 - Interference)
MND 03:13 Brittny Ralph  (2 - Checking)

2nd Period:
BMJ 08:46 Kristie Hofer  (2 - Tripping)

3rd Period:
MND 04:16 Jenni Venho  (2 - Tripping)
BMJ 05:47 Kerri McEwen  (2 - Hooking)
MND 07:47 Jessica Smith  (2 - Checking)
BMJ 08:05 Lisa Peters  (2 - Slashing)
BMJ 14:51 Lisa Peters  (2 - Tripping)
MND 17:44 Brittny Ralph  (2 - Checking)
BMJ 18:35 Alicia Kinsman  (5 - Hitting after the Whistle)

Bemidji State Penalties: 6 for 15

Minn-Duluth Penalties: 4 for 8

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