Saturday, February 5
Boston College (BC) at St. Lawrence (STL)
Conference Game

Final Score: St. Lawrence 6, Boston College 0

Attendance: 191

Boston College Lineup:
Skaters (17):
Nicole Fortier
Heather Lombardo
Jen Buckley
Heather Lane
Thia Connolly
Gena Nolin
Amber Bobin
Lisa Molvar
Genevieve Richardson
Missy Barsz
Jane Jorge
Alexandra Greene
Sarah Engwall
Jessica Griffin
Emily Koren
Michelle Snyder
Kristin Campbell
Goaltenders (2):
Christy Nentwig
Sharon VanTuyl

St. Lawrence Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Aliza Goss
Chera Marshall
Cassandra Peterson
Stacy Boudrias
Amanda Sargeant
Nicole Kirnan
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Knapp
Kelly Sage
Meghan Maguire
Alison Coope
Colleen Coakley
Alexis Moed
Suzanne Fiacco
Vicky Hauck
Shannon Smith
Caroline Trudeau
Kristina Heyes
Goaltenders (3):
Caryn Ungewitter
Kelly O'Ryan
Emily Stein


1st Period:
STL 02:20 Suzanne Fiacco (Vicky Hauck, Aliza Goss)
STL 08:44 Stacy Boudrias (Nicole Kirnan)
STL 12:39 Vicky Hauck (Chera Marshall, Meghan Maguire)
STL 13:59 Colleen Coakley

2nd Period:
STL 14:53 Amanda Sargeant (Shannon Smith, Chera Marshall)

3rd Period:
STL 16:50 Amanda Sargeant (Shannon Smith, Chera Marshall)

Boston College Goaltending:
Sharon VanTuyl16893360:00

St. Lawrence Goaltending:
Emily Stein5481760:00

Boston College Power-Play: 0/3

St. Lawrence Power-Play: 0/1


1st Period:

2nd Period:
STL 02:15 Amanda Sargeant  (2 - Interference)
STL 11:42 Amanda Sargeant  (2 - Cross-Checking)
BC 18:06 Missy Barsz  (2 - Slashing)

3rd Period:
STL 09:30 Jessica Wilson  (2 - Roughing)

Boston College Penalties: 1 for 2

St. Lawrence Penalties: 3 for 6

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