Wednesday, February 16
Amherst (AMH) at Williams (WIL)
Non-Conference Game

Final Score: Williams 8, Amherst 1

Attendance: 397

Referee: Mike Jones
Referee: Al Nelson

Amherst Lineup:
Skaters (15):
Emma Trask
Gretchen Bowe
Genny Furst
Robin Ackerman
Brooke Ballantine
Danielle Williams
Kasarin Chakkaphak
Lisbeth Rowinski
Jaime Ratner
Emma Lincoln
Noelle Noyes
Katie Connelly
Courtney Wieland
Michele Murphy
Ainsley Gordon
Goaltenders (1):
Heidi Alexander

Williams Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Jocelyn Wang
Alexis Scott
Abby Sayer
Sophie De La Barra
Katie Gold
Julia Karoly
Molly Venter
Caitlin Bowler
Elizabeth Toomey
Amanda Weber
Hillary Weinblatt
Cara Shortsleeve
Emily Small
Meghan Bullock
Morgan Steiner
Kristen Lee
Victoria Goldman
Karen Thome
Goaltenders (3):
Monelle Quevillon
Anna MacIntosh
Rebecca Sanborn


1st Period:
WIL 03:11 Molly Venter (Alexis Scott)
WIL 04:17 Sophie De La Barra (Emily Small, Katie Gold)

2nd Period:
WIL 04:17 Cara Shortsleeve
WIL 19:35 Molly Venter (Cara Shortsleeve)

3rd Period:
WIL 00:14 SH Alexis Scott (Cara Shortsleeve)
AMH 15:17 Gretchen Bowe
WIL 16:18 Julia Karoly (Jocelyn Wang)
WIL 17:36 Alexis Scott
WIL 19:23 Katie Gold (Emily Small, Sophie De La Barra)

Amherst Goaltending:
Heidi Alexander141953860:00

Williams Goaltending:
Monelle Quevillon5511141:57
Anna MacIntosh005518:03

Amherst Power-Play: 0/4

Williams Power-Play: 0/1


1st Period:
WIL 06:33 Alexis Scott  (2 - Checking)

2nd Period:
WIL 01:53 Elizabeth Toomey  (2 - Roughing)
AMH 06:21 Lisbeth Rowinski  (2 - High-Sticking)
WIL 11:20 BENCH  (2 - Too Many Players)
WIL 19:49 Hillary Weinblatt  (2 - Holding the Stick)

3rd Period:

Amherst Penalties: 1 for 2

Williams Penalties: 4 for 8

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