Friday, February 11
Wayne State (WSU) at Roch.Inst.Tech. (RIT)
Non-Conference Game

Final Score: Roch.Inst.Tech. 5, Wayne State 2

Attendance: 818

Referee: Brian Pauck
Assistant Referee: Bud Moram
Assistant Referee: Brian Stancampino

Wayne State Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Nick Stodgell
Brian Fish
Chris Morelli
Ryan Michela
Jon Brink
Tyler Kindle
Brent Renfrew
Jason Clarke
Charles O'Hearn
Jason Durbin
Dustin Kingston
Steve Nichols
Bob Richards
Keith Stanich
John MacAdam
Kalle Rahm
Maxim Starchenko
Daniel Rafner
Goaltenders (2):
Marc Carlson
David Guerrera

Roch.Inst.Tech. Lineup:
Skaters (17):
Wesley Blevins
Shawn Wilkins
Sam Hill
Peter Bournazakis
Patrick Staerker
Brian Armes
Jared Conton
Justin Lukazonas
Scott Jones
Jaren Eydt
Mike Bournazakis
Errol McDonald
Jonathan Day
Josh Myers
Rob Vessio
Dale Coughlin
Adam Driscoll
Goaltenders (2):
Matt Hrivnak
Tyler Euverman


1st Period:
RIT 02:55 PP Sam Hill (Peter Bournazakis, Patrick Staerker)
RIT 18:46 Patrick Staerker (Wesley Blevins, Jonathan Day)

2nd Period:
WSU 02:17 PP Tyler Kindle (Nick Stodgell, Jason Durbin)
RIT 04:46 PP Mike Bournazakis (Patrick Staerker, Peter Bournazakis)
RIT 08:21 PP Wesley Blevins (Patrick Staerker, Peter Bournazakis)
WSU 13:53 Maxim Starchenko (Daniel Rafner, Brian Fish)

3rd Period:
RIT 19:43 PP Patrick Staerker (Jonathan Day)

Wayne State Goaltending:
David Guerrera111283160:00

Roch.Inst.Tech. Goaltending:
Tyler Euverman206133960:00

Wayne State Power-Play: 1/7

Roch.Inst.Tech. Power-Play: 4/6


1st Period:
RIT 00:22 Jonathan Day  (2 - Cross-Checking)
WSU 02:05 Chris Morelli  (2 - Interference)
RIT 06:22 Scott Jones  (2 - Hitting from Behind)
RIT 12:05 Jaren Eydt  (2 - Holding)
WSU 14:46 John MacAdam  (2 - Roughing)

2nd Period:
RIT 00:43 Mike Bournazakis  (2 - High-Sticking)
WSU 03:04 Steve Nichols  (2 - Elbowing)
WSU 07:34 Maxim Starchenko  (2 - Hooking)
RIT 11:29 Mike Bournazakis  (2 - Roughing)
WSU 15:43 Brent Renfrew  (2 - Slashing)
RIT 16:25 Sam Hill  (2 - Roughing)

3rd Period:
WSU 10:03 Dustin Kingston  (2 - Slashing)
RIT 15:06 Peter Bournazakis  (2 - Hitting from Behind)

Wayne State Penalties: 6 for 12

Roch.Inst.Tech. Penalties: 7 for 14

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