Friday, March 3
Princeton (PRN) at Colgate (CLG)
Conference Game

Final Score: Colgate 2, Princeton 2 - 1OT

Attendance: 2122

Referee: Scott Hansen
Assistant Referee: Tom Lynch
Assistant Referee: Glen Cooke

Princeton Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Peter Zavodny
Chris Barber
Brad Meredith
Jason Dillow
Trevor Beaney
Dave Bennett
Scott Prime
Chris Corrinet
Ethan Doyle
Benoit Morin
Shane Campbell
Josh Roberts
David Del Monte
Brad Parsons
David Schneider
George Parros
Neil McCann
Kirk Lamb
Goaltenders (2):
Nate Nomeland
Dave Stathos

Colgate Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Jeff Potter
Ben Bryce
Bryan Long
Byron Pool
Andy McDonald
Erkki Rajamaki
Sean Nolan
P.J. Yedon
Etienne Morin
Kevin Johns
Pat Varecka
Mike Marostega
Darryl Campbell
Cory Murphy
Brad D'Arco
Mike O'Malley
Sam Sturgis
Chad MacDonald
Goaltenders (2):
Jason Lefevre
Shep Harder


1st Period:
CLG 15:13 PP Andy McDonald (Cory Murphy, Mike Marostega)

2nd Period:
PRN 16:09 George Parros (Scott Prime)

3rd Period:
CLG 06:28 PP Cory Murphy (Darryl Campbell, Andy McDonald)
PRN 13:15 Brad Parsons (Ethan Doyle, Neil McCann)


Princeton Goaltending:
Dave Stathos831402565:00

Colgate Goaltending:
Shep Harder1091233465:00

Princeton Power-Play: 0/4

Colgate Power-Play: 2/3


1st Period:
PRN 02:43 Neil McCann  (2 - Hooking)
CLG 05:03 Ben Bryce  (2 - Cross-Checking)
PRN 15:03 George Parros  (2 - Hooking)

2nd Period:
CLG 10:25 Byron Pool  (2 - Slashing)
CLG 14:00 Erkki Rajamaki  (2 - Interference)

3rd Period:
CLG 05:09 Sean Nolan  (2 - Holding)
PRN 05:09 Benoit Morin  (2 - Holding)
PRN 06:18 Shane Campbell  (2 - Hooking)
CLG 08:38 Mike O'Malley  (2 - Hooking)


Princeton Penalties: 4 for 8

Colgate Penalties: 5 for 10

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