Sunday, October 24
Bemidji State (BMJ) at St. Cloud (STC)
Non-Conference Game

Final Score: St. Cloud 2, Bemidji State 1

Attendance: 4083

Referee: Robin Anderson
Assistant Referee: J.B. Olson
Assistant Referee: Kyle Bergren

Bemidji State Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Stefan Bjork
Rico Faticci
Dale Birkley
Travis Johnson
Shane Kalbrener
Mike Perpich
Jeff McGill
Dan Pelletier
Brad Johnson
Jake Searles
Scot Dickson
Ted Belisle
Saysona Phrakonkham
Adam Stewart
Mark Phenow
Calvin Chartrand
Daryl Bat
Marty Goulet
Goaltenders (2):
Bob Tallarico
Adam Pavlatos

St. Cloud Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Geno Parrish
Bryce Macken
Jon Cullen
Tyler Arnason
Brandon Sampair
Duvie Westcott
Ritchie Larson
Nate DiCasmirro
Ryan Malone
Matt Noga
Mike Walsh
Joe Motzko
Lee Brooks
Mike Pudlick
Tom Lund
Brian Gaffaney
Keith Anderson
Mark Hartigan
Goaltenders (2):
Scott Meyer
Jake Moreland


1st Period:
BMJ 03:56 Shane Kalbrener (Saysona Phrakonkham)
STC 09:57 Tyler Arnason (Nate DiCasmirro, Brandon Sampair)

2nd Period:

3rd Period:
STC 05:10 PP Mark Hartigan (Geno Parrish)

Bemidji State Goaltending:
Adam Pavlatos111273059:10

St. Cloud Goaltending:
Jake Moreland7952160:00

Bemidji State Power-Play: 0/4

St. Cloud Power-Play: 1/6


1st Period:
STC 07:01 Brian Gaffaney  (2 - Interference)
BMJ 18:13 Daryl Bat  (2 - Slashing)
STC 19:03 Brandon Sampair  (2 - Interference)
BMJ 19:54 Rico Faticci  (2 - Interference)

2nd Period:
STC 03:27 Nate DiCasmirro  (2 - High-Sticking)
STC 03:48 Mike Pudlick  (2 - Cross-Checking)
BMJ 09:22 Travis Johnson  (2 - Holding)
BMJ 18:06 Shane Kalbrener  (2 - Holding)

3rd Period:
BMJ 04:02 Saysona Phrakonkham  (2 - Boarding)
STC 08:22 Ritchie Larson  (2 - Roughing)
STC 08:22 Mike Walsh  (2 - Roughing)
STC 08:22 Mike Walsh  (2 - Roughing)
BMJ 08:22 Stefan Bjork  (2 - Roughing)
BMJ 08:22 Stefan Bjork  (2 - Roughing)
BMJ 08:22 Shane Kalbrener  (2 - Roughing)
STC 13:49 Mark Hartigan  (2 - Interference)

Bemidji State Penalties: 8 for 16

St. Cloud Penalties: 8 for 16

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