Friday, March 10
Bentley (BEN) at Quinnipiac (QUI)
Non-Conference Game
MAAC Quarterfinal

Final Score: Quinnipiac 9, Bentley 2

Attendance: 211

Referee: Bob Ritchie
Assistant Referee: Rob Melanson
Assistant Referee: Brent Colby

Bentley Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Michael Romano
Steve Tobio
Andy Cavanagh
Martin Baker
Paul Monzione
John DiGennaro
Ryan Soderquist
Andy Peters
John Yianoukos
Mike Spengler
Kevin Moglia
Brendon Love
Matt Kowal
Brian Gangemi
Marcus Willy
Ted Iorio
Kevin Cahill
Mike Zeibaq
Goaltenders (3):
Joe Cullen
Ray DeVincent
Kevin Williams

Quinnipiac Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Mike Matta
Anthony DiPalma
Gordy Collins
Jed Holtzman
Mike LaRocca
Terry Harris
Dennis Palaia
Dan Ennis
Matt Plante
Chris Cerrella
Brian Herbert
Ryan Olson
Matt Erhart
Todd Bennett
Chris Maniatis
Shawn Mansoff
Kris Cumming
Steve Dondero
Goaltenders (3):
Dan DiLeo
Jim White
J.C. Wells


1st Period:
QUI 03:09 Matt Erhart
QUI 06:49 Chris Cerrella (Jed Holtzman, Dan Ennis)
BEN 11:58 PP Steve Tobio (Ryan Soderquist, Brian Gangemi)
QUI 16:27 PP Ryan Olson (Chris Cerrella, Kris Cumming)
QUI 17:27 Todd Bennett (Steve Dondero, Dennis Palaia)
BEN 17:49 Andy Peters (Mike Spengler, Kevin Moglia)

2nd Period:

3rd Period:
QUI 08:05 PP Dan Ennis (Matt Erhart, Brian Herbert)
QUI 09:03 Ryan Olson (Dan Ennis)
QUI 16:11 Kris Cumming (Chris Maniatis, Brian Herbert)
QUI 17:20 Todd Bennett (Terry Harris, Dennis Palaia)
QUI 18:33 Brian Herbert (Ryan Olson, Shawn Mansoff)

Bentley Goaltending:
Joe Cullen151874060:00

Quinnipiac Goaltending:
J.C. Wells6921760:00

Bentley Power-Play: 1/4

Quinnipiac Power-Play: 2/6


1st Period:
BEN 00:52 Mike Zeibaq  (2 - Holding)
QUI 09:58 Jed Holtzman  (2 - Interference)
QUI 10:41 Anthony DiPalma  (2 - Roughing)
BEN 14:35 Brian Gangemi  (2 - Slashing)
QUI 19:39 Chris Maniatis  (2 - Roughing)
QUI 19:39 Shawn Mansoff  (2 - Roughing)
BEN 19:39 Mike Spengler  (2 - Roughing)
BEN 19:39 Kevin Moglia  (2 - Roughing)

2nd Period:
QUI 01:27 Dennis Palaia  (2 - Holding)
BEN 13:48 Martin Baker  (2 - Boarding)

3rd Period:
BEN 06:47 Andy Peters  (2 - Slashing)
QUI 07:29 Anthony DiPalma  (2 - Slashing)
BEN 07:35 Ryan Soderquist  (2 - High-Sticking)
QUI 13:59 Mike Matta  (2 - Roughing)
BEN 13:59 Ted Iorio  (2 - Roughing)
QUI 15:39 Jed Holtzman  (2 - Slashing)
BEN 15:39 Matt Kowal  (2 - Slashing)
BEN 18:33 Mike Spengler  (2 - Hitting after the Whistle)

Bentley Penalties: 10 for 20

Quinnipiac Penalties: 8 for 16

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