Friday, January 14
Mercyhurst (MRC) at American Inter. (AIC)
Conference Game

Final Score: Mercyhurst 6, American Inter. 3

Attendance: 162

Referee: Gerry Toner
Assistant Referee: Albert Sapelli
Assistant Referee: Tom Bowes

Mercyhurst Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Mark Chambers
Paul Caluori
Jody Robinson
Mike Muldoon
Kelly Koshman
Jeff Gould
Louis Goulet
Bob Lyke
Paul Hiscock
Eric Ellis
Fedor Zakusilo
Chris Brotka
Brad McDonald
Paul Colontino
Brad Olsen
Adam Rivers
Scott Kehoe
Mark Stamp
Goaltenders (2):
Peter Aubry
Ashley Stevens

American Inter. Lineup:
Skaters (17):
Kevin Fournier
Mike Leibro
Bryan Bassler
Aaron Arnett
Mathieu Abaid
Olivier Gagnon
Tom Cogan
Mike Peddycord
Andy Luhovy
Patrick Tabb
Zac Kalemba
Mike Bujdos
Brendan McGrath
George Durso
Tim Kolasa
Dan Curran
Todd Bassler
Goaltenders (3):
Chris Grabowski
Chance Thede
Tom Patty


1st Period:
MRC 01:55 Fedor Zakusilo (Paul Colontino, Paul Caluori)
MRC 07:36 Mark Stamp (Scott Kehoe, Louis Goulet)
AIC 15:22 Andy Luhovy (Bryan Bassler, Patrick Tabb)

2nd Period:
MRC 03:48 Fedor Zakusilo (Kelly Koshman, Paul Caluori)
MRC 06:52 Brad Olsen (Chris Brotka, Eric Ellis)
AIC 09:16 Olivier Gagnon (Zac Kalemba, Aaron Arnett)
MRC 15:26 Adam Rivers (Louis Goulet, Paul Colontino)
AIC 18:12 Dan Curran (Zac Kalemba, Olivier Gagnon)

3rd Period:
MRC 18:50 Fedor Zakusilo (Eric Ellis, Jeff Gould)

Mercyhurst Goaltending:
Ashley Stevens7151360:00

American Inter. Goaltending:
Tom Patty1712124160:00

Mercyhurst Power-Play: 0/3

American Inter. Power-Play: 0/0


1st Period:

2nd Period:
AIC 12:05 Mike Leibro  (2 - Hooking)

3rd Period:
AIC 09:57 Bryan Bassler  (2 - Boarding)
AIC 11:42 Mike Peddycord  (2 - Boarding)

Mercyhurst Penalties: 0 for 0

American Inter. Penalties: 3 for 6

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