Saturday, October 30
Fairfield (FAI) at Air Force (AFA)
Non-Conference Game

Final Score: Air Force 10, Fairfield 1

Attendance: 1079

Referee: John Campion
Assistant Referee: Gary Pedigo
Assistant Referee: Bill Boyce

Fairfield Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Mike Marino
Steve Calderara
Bernard Gately
Pat Lemme
James Butler
Casey Laflamme
Michael Shaheen
Bryan Cairns
Tim Desmarais
Rae Metz
Dan Cotter
Brendan Foley
John O'Connor
James Lubinski
Kevin Nolan
Vin Timpone
Ryan Tormey
Pat Doyle
Goaltenders (3):
David Hines
Derek Saunders
Rory Murray

Air Force Lineup:
Skaters (18):
Jake Tesar
Mike Keough
Bobby Pate
Nels Grafstrom
Andy Berg
Billy O'Reilly
James Ord
Brian Gornick
Scott Bradley
Brian Reaney
Marcus Peters
Brendan Connelly
Scott Zwiers
Jace Anders
Brian Rodgers
Neil Barner
Derek Olson
Matt Zitzlsperger
Goaltenders (3):
Jeremy High
Sean Broderick
Marc Kielkucki


1st Period:
AFA 07:51 Nels Grafstrom (Andy Berg, Brian Reaney)
AFA 08:18 Billy O'Reilly (Scott Zwiers, Brian Gornick)
AFA 08:59 Jace Anders (Matt Zitzlsperger, James Ord)
AFA 09:36 Nels Grafstrom (Brian Rodgers, Andy Berg)
AFA 16:01 PP Nels Grafstrom (Scott Bradley, Brian Gornick)

2nd Period:
AFA 00:35 Brendan Connelly (Mike Keough, Brian Reaney)
AFA 13:06 PP Derek Olson (Scott Bradley, Brian Reaney)
AFA 14:29 Billy O'Reilly (Brian Gornick, Jake Tesar)

3rd Period:
AFA 03:42 SH Andy Berg
FAI 07:03 Kevin Nolan (John O'Connor, James Lubinski)
AFA 15:46 PP Billy O'Reilly (Brian Reaney, Scott Zwiers)

Fairfield Goaltending:
Derek Saunders40048:59
David Hines8801624:07
Derek Saunders0391226:54

Air Force Goaltending:
Marc Kielkucki5501040:00
Jeremy High003320:00

Fairfield Power-Play: 0/6

Air Force Power-Play: 3/7


1st Period:
AFA 03:16 Derek Olson  (2 - Holding)
FAI 14:23 Bernard Gately  (2 - Hooking)
FAI 17:12 Brendan Foley  (2 - Roughing)
AFA 18:21 Bobby Pate  (2 - Slashing)

2nd Period:
FAI 06:56 Brendan Foley  (2 - Holding)
AFA 08:42 Scott Zwiers  (2 - Roughing)
FAI 08:42 James Lubinski  (2 - Roughing)
FAI 12:29 Kevin Nolan  (2 - Tripping)
FAI 14:43 Brendan Foley  (2 - High-Sticking)
AFA 15:58 BENCH  (2 - Too Many Players)

3rd Period:
AFA 02:27 Neil Barner  (2 - Hooking)
FAI 04:05 Tim Desmarais  (2 - Boarding)
FAI 09:27 Derek Saunders  (2 - Delay of Game)
AFA 10:52 Matt Zitzlsperger  (2 - Interference)
AFA 13:02 Nels Grafstrom  (2 - Interference)
FAI 14:20 Steve Calderara  (2 - Slashing)
AFA 16:09 Andy Berg  (2 - Roughing)
FAI 16:09 Bryan Cairns  (2 - Roughing)

Fairfield Penalties: 10 for 20

Air Force Penalties: 8 for 16

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